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SunTouch is the North American Leader in electric underfloor heating and  is the brand name for the Electric Radiant Floor Heat systems manufactured by Watts Radiant in Springfield, MO, U.S.A. In-house Manufacturing allows tight Quality Control - It's all under one roof at SunTouch!

Watts is a $1.4 Billion Company with over a 133 year history in the USA; Watts has manufactured safety devices for heating since 1874.  You can purchase with confidence - Watts Radiant is committed to Radiant Floor Heat and has been for a long time! Our company slogan is "Watts makes it safe" and this priority is evident in the engineering and assembly of SunTouch’s floor warming system and products.

 Here's our NEW 142,000 Sq Foot Factory

Browse our site to learn more about Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems. SunTouch Electric Radiant Heat Mats are made in America, by Americans for American Homes. Many other products are manufactured overseas, and some companies don't even tell you where, attempting to pass themselves off as manufacturers. Don't send your Money off-shore - keep it here in America !

You will love warm tile floors wherever you put them - in baths, atriums, showers, gyms, or entries, your floor will be more comfortable, dryer and safer to walk on. We offer you more sizes and more solutions for radiant heated floors than any company; additionally, we have the controls, software, code listings and engineering to make your radiant floor heating project a success.

WarmYourFloor's sole focus is Electric Radiant Floor Heat. But our competitors make floor heating systems as a side-line to their blanket business - there's a BIG DIFFERENCE between an electric blanket for your bed and a SunTouch Floor Warming Mat that is an underfloor heating installation.

Please compare the SunTouch Wire Construction to the competition - you'll find compelling reasons to buy SunTouch electric radiant heat mats from Warm Your Floor. Wire Construction is what matters MOST; if the electric radiant heat cable is well insulated, protected against jobsite abuse, and covered with the water-proof material PEX & Tefzel from DuPont (NOT nylon, or PVC or other inferior plastics) Like SunTouch Mats, it will last a LONG TIME.

Safety is the most important issue - Look for a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listing - ALL SunTouch Floor Heat Systems Have this listingSee the UL Listing You'll see Watts actually manufactures SunTouch products - unlike others who just re-package someone else's imported product, from countries like South Africa .

The SunTouch Mat System can even be installed in the shower floor and seat! No one else makes an electric under floor heating system safe enough to install in a shower, per the UL. Plus, you're also protected by Thermostat Controls that have built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for your protection. All the controls we sell are GFCI protected, because we want you to be safe; other Radiant Companies don't think this is important, since several sell Non-GFCI controls

SunTouch electrical underfloor heating is also Tested by Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and SunTouch mats have been tested installed in a tile floor and COMPLY with ASTM C 627, officially known as “EVALUATING CERAMIC FLOOR TILE INSTALLATION SYSTEMS USING THE ROBINSON-TYPE FLOOR TESTER”. Whew, that is a mouthful - that's how durable SunTouch is. SunTouch's Industry Best 25 year warranty is even transferable with your home - what a selling feature for your home's buyers!

SunTouch Floor heating mats also are the safest in regards to Electro Magnetic Field, with a virtually ZERO reading that has been INDEPENDENTLY tested and verified. Tested and found to have the LOWEST readings of any manufacturer. We don't just SAY we have low EMF - we back it up with test results, unlike our competition. See the ZERO EMF details  here

SunTouch is the only Electric Radiant Floor Heat Manufacturer who offers a solution for ALL electric radiant under floor heating projects

And, SunTouch offers an Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty on ALL products. It's even transferable!

SunTouch Mats are the Easiest and Safest electric radiant floor heat installation. 12 Watts per SF (40 BTUs per Hour per SF) and Quick & Easy installation make it the number 1 choice. The most Durable DUAL-wire construction and insulation is just one indication of the SunTouch Mat’s safety and design for longest life. Install SunTouch Mats on almost any subfloor – wood, concrete backer board, or concrete slab. UL listed and TCNA Tested for your safety.

UnderFloor by SunTouch is a problem solver! Have a Cold Floor already installed? No problem, if you have a crawl space or an unfinished room beneath, UnderFloor heating installation is easy and you can experience UnderFloor heat and find it very efficient.  SunTouch electric under floor heating outputs about 34 BTUs SF/Hr and can warm tile by raising the floor temperature up to 15 Degrees F. Warm up that cold tile, wood or carpet with UnderFloor Heat!

SunTouch WarmWire is an electric radiant heat cable. The innovative WarmWire floor heating cable system uses spools of individual wire cables to generate the floor heat for your Tile, Stone, or other Floor Covering. With 10 – 15 Watts per SF, and BTUs/SF/Hr of 34-51 WarmWire is the thinnest and best designed of all indoor electric radiant heat cables available, but not as easy to install as the SunTouch Mats. WarmWire has a single point connection, emits almost NO EMF (Electro Magnetic Field), and uses a braided Stainless Steel Armor surrounding the fully grounded heating elements. UL listed & the innovative WarmWire electric radiant heat cable Strap makes attachment to the floor and optimum spacing easy.

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