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Cork Insulation for concrete Slab sold by SF

Item Number: 711295

MFR Part No: R60 1/4" Wide

Alternate Part Number: 711295

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This Premium Cork underlayment item is 1/4" thick and is sold by the Square Foot. We also sell full rolls at lower prices.

When you purchase this item, we will ship you custom-cut cork that is 24" to 48" wide (our choice) by an appropriate length to meet the Sq footage you select. Custom cut cork is not returnable.

  • Our Premium Cork underlayment is 1/4 inch (6mm = 0.236 inches) thick and is sold in full rolls in various sizes
  • R-Value = 0.80 for 1/4" thickness or 3.10 per inch
  • Indoor use only
  • Recommended for tile or stone installations, thinset directly over the heating element on top of cork just like normal subfloor.
  • Not recommended for shower floors or outdoor use
  • Not recommended to be covered with leveler under engineered hardwood floors. If used with Wood flooring, minimum leveler thickness should be 3/8 to 1/2 inch to prevent cracking
  • Simply Order the square footage you need and we choose the best width based on what you order and cut the correct amount of Square feet from our bulk rolls.

    You can order any combination of rolls or cut-to-order cork you need. We have 3 other configurations of R60 all made in the same factory and the same thickness; the only difference is size of the rolls. If you need 300 SF for example, you can order 300 SF custom cut, OR a roll of 200 SF and 2 rolls of 60 SF; this gives you 320 SF, but at a lower overall cost than ordering 300 custom cut.

    You can then cut the cork to fit any configuration, as it cuts easily with a utility knife.

    If you choose 711295, we cut it to order and you pay more for us to handle it for you ! We offer the R-60 cork in full rolls in 3 sizes which saves you money.

    Manufactured by Amorim Industrial Solutions, the pioneer of cork underlayment for sound control, thermal insulation and protection against stress cracks, our products have been in use since the 1980's.

    The R60 (6mm = .236 about 1/4 inch) is a thermal barrier as well as an acoustical barrier and will also prevent stress cracks in the tile floor. With the highest density on the market for any cork underlayment making it a very durable product, R60 will not "give" causing cracks to form. It is Safe, tested, and designed for use under tile floors. Inferior cork products are often from a different species of Cork and made in China and require use of epoxy grout; but NOT AcoutiCORK R60.

    The cork is adhered to the clean & dry concrete slab using either Thinset Mortar (preferred & best method - the same thinset used to install the tile) or an approved adhesive (see instructions) With an R-Value of 3.1 per inch the cork acts as a "thermal Break" and slows the heat transfer into a concrete slab sub floor when placed on top of the slab. The heating elements are then installed on TOP of the cork, and secured with tape or glue and then covered with thinset mortar while installing your tile or stone floor. Cork Insulating underlay cannot be used in a shower floor or outdoors.

    Our Cork is specifically designed and engineered for use under tile or stone floors. It's tested and there are hundreds of millions of Square feet installed in successful installations worldwide. Why risk using an inferior cork to save a few dollars? Choose R-60 from Warm Your Floor.

    Manufacturer Amorim Industrial Solutions
    Brand Name AcoustiCORK
    Manufacturer Certification ISO 9001 Quality Certificate Yes.
    Product Thickness 6 mm, 0.236" in. inches
    Weight 0.3300
    Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 1 Specific weight: 150-220Kg/m3
    Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 2 Tensile strength (kPa): >200KPa
    Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 3 Compression: 30-50%
    Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 4 Recovery: >70%
    Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 5 Expected Durability: Lifetime of the building
    Test : Water Absorption : Nearly ZERO in 30 day test R60 in 100% Humidity for 30 days: Changed Less than 7/1000" - Less than a sheet of paper
    Test Result, Approval : Bond Strength PSI of 80
    Test Result, Approval : Structural Residential Rating - Robinson Wheel result
    Test Result, Approval : Structural Performance(w/ CBU) Heavy Rating - Robinson Wheel result
    Test Result, Approval : Flame Spread E84-91a Class A
    Sustainability FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
    Air cells per cubic inch 200,000,000