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In need of installation accessories for your radiant floor heating system? Warm Your Floor carries a wide array electrical tools, cork insulation, and more. If this is your first time tackling a floor heating installation, we recommend investing in one of our installation bundles, which include products ranging from necessary to ultra convenient, such as a plastic trowel, installation alarm and digital multimeter.

If you’re installing heated floors in a bathroom, we also carry Kerdi Shower System accessories that will make shower building and waterproofing a breeze. You’ll even find supplies for adding a shower niche or even a stool, both of which dramatically simplify your installation and are great additions when adding a new shower in a basement or anywhere else.

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SunTouch Accessories
Are you planning a SunTouch floor heating project? Our SunTouch installation accessories will simplify your floor heating project and help save you from costly mistakes. For a smooth installation, SunTouch tape keeps mats securely in place and creates a frustration-free process. We also have an installation kit with the most important items to get your installation done right.
WarmWire Accessories
If you’re installing WarmWire floor heating cable, take a look at our great selection of installation accessories. We have a great selection of WarmWire accessories manufactured by SunTouch that will help you with everything from laying cable to testing for continuity. We also have convenient kits available to help install your wire or make repairs. What are you waiting for? Put your worries aside and get your project started.
Insulation for Floor Heating
Are you planning to heat a basement floor or an addition with a concrete slab subfloor? There’s a good chance that floor is extremely cold today, and while radiant floor heating will make a huge difference, the necessary shift in temperature may make for a slow heat-up time. Reduce this inconvenience by adding a layer of 6mm cork insulation between the slab and your heating element. You’ll see even more benefit when combined with a programmable thermostat that adjusts for the average startup time.
Nuheat Mat Accessories
Installing Nuheat floor-heating mats as part of your remodel project? Warm Your Floor has all of the accessories you’ll want to make the project a breeze. Consider a MatSense Pro Fault Alarm which will detect a short circuit and warn you in plenty of time to easily fix the problem. Also, consider our popular installation bundle which has the most important accessories for your project conveniently grouped together at a great price.
Nuheat Cable Accessories
Planning to add Nuheat radiant heating cable to warm your floors? We have all the additional parts and tools needed to really simplify the job. Definitely consider a Pro Fault Alarm and cable repair kit to help prevent and recover from what would otherwise be a costly mistake. For a complete solution, order one of our popular Warm Your Floor installation bundles to get everything you need to do the job right.
ProMelt Accessories
We all hate discovering mistakes after we think a project is complete. It’s especially painful and costly when fixing that mistake involves going back onto a roof or even tearing up concrete. Minimize this risk by ordering these ProMelt cable & mat installation accessories before you start your next project.
KERDI Shower Systems
Schluter’s KERDI Shower System product line has everything you need to build a new shower, from drains, to niches, to waterproofing. Thanks to Schluter-KERDI’s assortment of prefabricated components, revolutionary waterproofing membrane and selection of styled drains, it has never been easier to build a shower that is both durable and functional, and beautiful as well.
DITRA Uncoupling Membrane
DITRA is the original uncoupling membrane designed for traditional tile floors. With their open rib structure, DITRA Uncoupling Membranes are polyurethane membranes that effectively neutralize the movement and stress between tile and the substrate beneath. They accomplish this by allowing for in-plane movement of tile flooring and creating even load distribution. This keeps the tile from cracking and keeps your tile looking new and pristine. In addition to this, DITRA Uncoupling Mats also provide waterproofing and a vapor management layer. This makes them ideal for installing over almost any subfloor. When installing with radiant heat, the DITRA Uncoupling membrane must be installed over the heating elements and mortar.

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