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Nuheat ColdLead Repair & Extension Kit 120V

Item Number: FG-KIT/LEAD110


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Each Nuheat Mat has a 10 Foot Power Lead included and pre-attached at the factory. This kit allows you to repair a damaged power lead or to extend the standard power lead by up to an additional 10 feet on the jobsite for a total length of 20 Ft. Included is 10 Feet of shielded lead wire (just like is on the mats) and all necessary connectors for repair or extension of the Nuheat Mat power lead.

You may need this kit if you locate the thermostat more than 5 feet away from the start of the mat. A junction box installed by an electrician is an alternative, but might be more expensive.

An extension kit is frequently needed when installing multiple stock standard mats in a room so the lead can reach the power/thermostat location. If this is teh case, you might consider a Nuheat Custom Mat which may be lower cost than using several smaller mats and trying to amke them fit the space. Nuheat Custom mats fit your room exactly covering the floor area and eliminating lead extensions and gaps between mats that create cold spots. Read More about Nuheat Custom Mats

The power lead can be cut shorter as needed if you require less than the additional 10 feet included in this kit.

You will need basic tools and a heat gun to attach the new lead to the existing wires the special connectors included. 

Clear instructions are included with each kit. This lead extension cannot be used within a shower floor. There are separate kits available for 120V and 240V.

Manufacturer Nuheat Industries Ltd.
Brand Name Nuheat
Weight 1.0000
Packaging Envelope or small box