How Much Will My Warm Floor Cost?

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Gather as much information about your project as possible. Details needed are the dimensions of the room, Sq Footage to be heated, voltage available, type of sub floor where the radiant floor heater will be installed and floor covering. If you would like our assistance Email, Fax or Call us – we will be glad to assist you.

Your floor is warmed only in the areas covered by the mats; the heat does not spread sideways. Unheated areas next to a heated floor feel much colder in contrast so make certain to cover ALL the area you want warm.

We Recommend Cork Insulation between Concrete Slabs & heating mats.

Simply fill in the blanks to calculate and print the Design Report for your project

Warm Your Floor has every size SunTouch Mat and accessory IN STOCK for immediate delivery.

Fax or Email your Design Report for a quote or simply choose a Kit for your area! You can also choose individual components if you don't want the Everything-In-1-Box Kit.

If you provide us a sketch of your room, we can do a custom design layout map showing you exactly how to install your mat.

Or, you can follow the suggestions in our video & manual for a quick Do-It-Yourself installation twisting and turning the mat to custom fit your room and cover all the areas that need floor heat.

When considering your project, you are not limited to 1 mat; for example, if you need to heat 45 Sq Ft. you could choose a single 3x15 or 2x22.5 mat, or a 3x10' plus a 2x7.5 mat. Up to 3 mats can be connected to a Thermostat with a 15 Amp total limit.

All SunTouch mats start at the thermostat and run in parallel – they do not connect end-to-end. We have over 60 sizes in stock in both 120v & 240v.