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Cork Insulation for concrete Slab sold by roll of 60 SF

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The 60 Sq Foot cork roll we will ship to you is 3 Ft wide and 20 Ft long. You can order any combination of rolls you need. We have 4 configurations of R60 all made in the same factory and the same thickness; the only difference is size of the rolls

Our Premium Cork underlayment is 1/4 inch (6mm) thick and is sold in full rolls in 2 sizes: 60 and 200 sq ft.

You can then cut the cork to fit any configuration, as it cuts easily with a utility knife.

Manufactured by Amorim Industrial Solutions, the pioneer of cork underlayment for sound control, thermal insulation and protection against stress cracks, our products have been in use since the 1980's.

The R60 (6mm = .236 about 1/4 inch) is a thermal barrier as well as an acoustical barrier and will also prevent stress cracks in the tile floor. With the highest density on the market for any cork underlayment making it a very durable product, R60 will not "give" causing cracks to form. It is Safe, tested, and designed for use under tile floors. Inferior cork products are often from a different species of Cork and made in China and require use of epoxy grout; but NOT AcoutiCORK R60.

The cork is adhered to the clean & dry concrete slab using either Thinset Mortar (preferred & best method - the same thinset used to install the tile) or an approved adhesive (see instructions) With an R-Value of 3.1 per inch the cork acts as a "thermal Break" and slows the heat transfer into a concrete slab sub floor when placed on top of the slab. The heating elements are then installed on TOP of the cork, and secured with tape or glue and then covered with thinset mortar while installing your tile or stone floor. Cork Insulating underlay cannot be used in a shower floor or outdoors.

Our Cork is specifically designed and engineered for use under tile or stone floors. It's tested and there are hundreds of millions of Square feet installed in successful installations worldwide. Why risk using an inferior cork to save a few dollars? Choose R-60 from Warm Your Floor.

Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Install Steps
Cork Insulation 60 sq ft Installation Manual
Maximum Circuit Load No
Maximum Circuit Overload Protection No
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) No
Electrical Box Size (Where Mats connect to Thermostat) No
Full Length End-to-End ground wire No
Heating Wire construction No
Repairable Heating Wire No
Expected Floor Temperature No
Skill Level Mix and spread thinset and trowel. Lay cork and roll flat
Recommended Use 1 Thermal Break between Slab and heated floors
Recommended Use 2 Sound Control in multi floor residences
Recommended Use 3 Anti Fracture membrane
Shower Installation Permitted No. Do not use in a shower floor.
Installation Layout Map customized for my project none
Insulation Recommended No
Indoor Installation Only INTERIOR floor Applications only. Not for use outside
Installation On Sub Floor on TOP of Sub Floor (concrete slab typically)
Distance from Wax Ring at toilet flange No
Trowel Size recommended minimum 1/8" V-Notch. Verify with mortar manufacturer
Trowel type Recommended No
Minimum Bend Radius No
Cut Warning No
Minimum Installation Temperature No


Amp Draw No
Watts Per SF No
Wattage : Total watts No
Heat Output BTUs per SF No
Heating Power : Total BTU's No
Manufacturer Amorim Industrial Solutions
Brand Name AcoustiCORK
Power Lead Type No
Power Lead Length No
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) No
Manufacturer Certification ISO 9001 Quality Certificate Yes.
Product Thickness 6 mm, 0.236" in. inches
Heating Wire Spacing No
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 1 Specific weight: 150-220Kg/m3
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 2 Tensile strength (kPa): >200KPa
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 3 Compression: 30-50%
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 4 Recovery: >70%
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 5 Expected Durability: Lifetime of the building
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 6 No
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 7 No
Physical/Mechanical Properties (ISO7322) 8 No
Ohms Reading (resistance value) No
ZERO* EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) No
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation No
Conduit required for Power Leads No
Test : Water Absorption : Nearly ZERO in 30 day test R60 in 100% Humidity for 30 days: Changed Less than 7/1000" - Less than a sheet of paper
Test Result, Approval : Bond Strength PSI of 80
Test Result, Approval : Structural Residential Rating - Robinson Wheel result
Test Result, Approval : Structural Performance(w/ CBU) Heavy Rating - Robinson Wheel result
Test Result, Approval : Flame Spread E84-91a Class A
Sustainability FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
Air cells per cubic inch 200,000,000
More Details

More Details

Why Helps

What can R60 do for YOUR floor?

Thermal Insulation! AcoustiCORK R60 is known for its ability to add thermal efficiency to most types of floors. It is particularly useful when used under floor heating systems, as R60 helps reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency / lower costs. R60 Thermal resistance provides increased efficiency and is a Sustainable NATURAL PRODUCT

Unlike most of its synthetic alternative competitors the AcoustiCORK R60 underlayment has the ability to keep its acoustic and thermal insulation performance over many years. The physical structure of cork, with nearly 200 million completely sealed air filled cells per cubic inch makes it a very effective insulating material. This same physical structure also provides cork with the ability to be repeatedly compressed and yet recover nearly 100% of its original shape and size.

Also, don't be misled by INFERIOR CORK products sold online for a little less money; don't compromise the integrity of your floor to save a few dollars. Insist on a recognized manufacturer with the history Test results to back up their product.

Warranty from Manufacturer 10 Years
Length of heating area Feet 20 Ft long
Heated Area Size Covered 60 Sq Ft Square Feet
Heated Area $60.00
Width of heating area Inches 36" in. Inches
Length of heating area Inches 720" in. Inches
Size in Inches No
Size in Feet No
Installation Style No
Custom Size Options No
Safety Listing No
Canadian Electric Code reference No
National Electric Code reference No
Packaging Roll
Acceptable Floor Coverings No
Made In USA No

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