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DITRA-HEAT Cable • 38 Sq Ft (120V)


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DITRA-HEAT Cables are designed to be installed in the DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane at 3-stud spacing, which will generate about 12.75 watts per a sq ft. The twisted, dual-wire design creates an EMF-canceling effect and eliminates the need for a return run back to the thermostat. • 3-stud spacing • 12.75 watts per square foot • Zero Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Emission • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty • Manufactured by Schluter



UPC 4011832145810
Voltage 120 VAC
Cable Length 124.1
Cable Length (inches) 1489.2
Cable Length (meters) 37.8
Watts Per SF 12.75
Heat Output BTUs per SF 43.5
Heating Power : Total BTU's 1653
Manufacturer Schluter-Systems
Power Lead Type Armored, NEC color code, Single point connection at 1 corner of mat. No return wire like inferior products
Power Lead Length 10 ft
Power Lead Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Heating Wire Spacing 3 stud
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation Yes
Conduit required for Power Leads Yes
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Skill Level Running Cable more difficult + more time than MATS. Installation only by qualified persons. Electrician recommended for wiring
Maximum Circuit Load 16
Maximum Circuit Overload Protection 20 Amp Breaker
Full Length End-to-End ground wire Yes
Heating Wire Dual Wire
Repairable Heating Wire Yes
Installation Layout Map customized for my project No - example in manual. We provide Layout Maps only for SunTouch Mats
Expected Floor Temperature This is dependent on many factors. A well-insulated floor can ensure better performance.
Insulation Recommended No, insulation not recommended under DITRA-HEAT Membranes.
Indoor / Outdoor INTERIOR floor heating application only. Embedded in mortar or self leveler only
Distance from Wax Ring at toilet flange 6 inches
Cut Warning Never cut or shorten the cable.
More Details

More Details

What's In The Box (1) 37.5 sq ft 120V cable, (1) sensor wire
Flooring Type Tile & Stone
Warranty from Manufacturer 10 Years
Heated Area Size Covered 38
Amp Draw 4
Total Watts 484.5
Custom Size Options Custom sizes not available.
Safety Listing Listed under CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 130-03.
BTUs/SF/Hr 1 No alternate spacing options.
BTUs/SF/Hr 2 43.5
BTUs/SF/Hr 3 No alternate spacing options.
Spacing between runs 1 3 Studs
Spacing between runs 2 No alternate spacing options.
Spacing between runs 3 No alternate spacing options.
Watts Per SF 1 12.75
Watts Per SF 2 No alternate spacing options.
Watts Per SF 3 No alternate spacing options.
Acceptable Floor Coverings Tile, Natural Stone
Made In USA No

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