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Floor Heating Cables

Cables have no mat that holds the wires in place and maintains ideal spacing; it is your job to build your own mat on the floor using the cable straps or guides and weaving the wire back and forth, clipping it into the tabs on the straps. Most of our PRO and DIY customers buy mats because of their time-saving and easy installation, but we offer cables too – it’s the “old way” and how electric radiant floor heating began. Once the cable is installed, you proceed installing your floor covering the same way as with mats.

Floor heating cables allow for flexible installation. You can vary the spacing on WarmWire cables, bringing them closer than the standard 2.5 inch spacing (same heat output as mats) to 2 inches for a 25% boost in heating output. When you space WarmWire closer together, you cover less Sq Footage, so be sure to consult the spacing chart in each item’s spec’s. Ideally use the same spacing over the entire floor. Remember, SunTouch TapeMats also allow you to cut the mesh mat and free the heating wire for flexibility in covering curves and angles too.

You can also vary the spacing of the Slab Heating products, but you cannot vary the spacing of the Nuheat cable; only use Nuheat’s designated spacing, which provides the same heat output as the Mats.

Floor Heating Cables are an economical option to Floor Heating Mats. You save money on the materials but spend more time on installation.

Just as with Mats, choose the Cable size that will cover your open floor area and leave no cold spots, but will fit completely. You cannot cut the cables to size.

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