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Floor Heating Cables

Floor heating cable systems have no mat that holds the wires in place and maintains ideal spacing; it is your job to build your own mat on the floor using the cable straps or guides and weaving the wire back and forth, clipping it into the tabs on the straps. Most of our PRO and DIY customers buy mats because of their time-saving and easy installation, but we offer cables too—it’s the “old way” and how electric radiant floor heating began. Once the cable is installed, you proceed installing your floor covering the same way as with mats.

Floor heating cables allow for flexible installation. You can vary the spacing on WarmWire cables, bringing them closer than the standard 3.0 inch spacing (same heat output as mats) to 2.5 inches for a 17% boost in heat output. When you space WarmWire closer together, you cover less Square Footage, so be sure to consult the spacing chart in each item’s specification. Ideally use the same spacing over the entire floor. Remember, SunTouch TapeMats also allow you to cut the mesh mat and free the heating wire for flexibility in covering curves and angles too.

Nuheat cable is very similar to WarmWire, though the spacing of the cable is slightly different. The standard cable spacing for Nuheat cables is also 3 inches, but this can be changed to an alternating 3-2-3-2 spacing if more heat is desired. This alternate spacing increases the heat output by 25%.

Floor Heating Cables can be the more economical option for installing floor heat in room. Just remember that while you save money on the materials, you will spend much more time on installation. It all depends on where you want to spend your time and money on your project.

Just as with Mats, choose the Cable size that will cover your open floor area and leave no cold spots, but will fit completely. DO NOT CUT OR SPLICE THE HEATING CABLES. This will cause them to heat improperly and may drastically lower the life expectancy of the system.

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SunTouch Accessories

SunTouch manufactures a number of accessories that can make installing your mat even simpler. Whether you could use some extra double-sided tape to hold the mat down or would like a Loudmouth fault alarm for peace of mind during you installation, you can find everything you need here.

WarmWire Accessories

SunTouch manufactures a number of accessories that can make installing your WarmWire cable easier. Whether you need some extra Cable Strap and double-sided tape or just want an extra sensor wire for peace of mind, we have what you need.

Insulation for Floor Heating

For especially cold rooms with slab subfloors, consider installing this 6mm cork to add a thermal break between the heating elements and the slab. This will help lower the startup time of the system. Installing a programmable thermostat will help even more as they learn to compensate for the startup time.

Nuheat Mat Accessories

Nuheat mat accessories make installing your mat even simpler. Pick up a Mat Sense Pro Fault Alarm and an extra Sensor Wire for more peace of mind during you installation.

Nuheat Cable Accessories

Nuheat cable accessories make installing your cables easier. From Extra Cable Guides to Power Lead Extension Kits, get what you need here.

ProMelt Accessories

Whether you are heating your driveway or your roof, automated control is vital for snow and ice melting systems. Attaching a sensor to your system or control panel will ensure that it activates just before snow and ice start to form, giving you the absolute best results. Trying to operate a system with no sensor by manually turning it on can result in the system taking hours to melt snow build up and catch up to the current rate of snow fall.

KERDI Shower Systems
Schluter’s KERDI Shower System product line has everything you need to build a new shower, from drains, to niches, to waterproofing. Thanks to Schluter-KERDI’s assortment of prefabricated components, revolutionary waterproofing membrane and selection of styled drains, it has never been easier to build a shower that is both durable and functional, and beautiful as well.
DITRA Uncoupling Membrane
DITRA is the ORIGINAL uncoupling membrane designed for traditional tile floors (not to be confused with the new DITRA-HEAT membrane to be used with heating cables). With their open rib structure, DITRA Uncoupling Membranes are polyurethane membranes effectively neutralize the movement stress between tile and the substrate beneath by allowing for in-plane movement of tile flooring and creating even load distribution. This keeps the tile from cracking and keeps your tile looking new and pristine. In addition to this, DITRA Uncoupling Mats also provide water-proofing and a vapor management layer. This makes them ideal for installing over almost any subfloor. When installing with radiant heat, the DITRA Uncoupling membrane must be installed OVER the heating elements and mortar. • Provides uncoupling, load distribution, waterproofing, and vapor management • Available in 1/8" and 5/16" heights • 10 year manufacturer warranty

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Safe GFCI Thermostats can be programmed so you can set them once and enjoy warm comfortable floors when you want them.

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