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Installation Accessories

We offer the largest selection of Thermostat Controls and accessories to help you with your new floor heat project. Thermostats are availablein Programmable and Non-programmable models with several choices. Each thermostat INCLUDES a Floor Sensor wire that allows the thermostat to measure the floor temperature (and we sell spare sensors too)

WarmWire Strap is essential to secure the heating wires to the floor. And Consider the Loudmouth Installation monitor, which provides an audible alarm, in the event the heating cable is cut before you've completed the installation and covered the floor with tile. One customer called the LoudMouth "Peace of Mind". We also offer a low-cost Digital Ohm Meter, if you don't own one. A digital Ohm Meter is required for All electric radiant floor heat installations.

And we now sell Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive. This works very well to stick the WarmWire strap to your concrete subfloor. On backer board or plywood installations, use screws as detailed in the installation manual.

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