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Nexans In-Slab Cable

These thick cables are triple insulated and waterproof for all indoor applications and have been manufactured since the 1930's. They were good then and they are even better today! Nexans is ideal for placement on most any subfloor within your thick set mortar bed for any tile or stone installation. The insulation is so well-constructed, they can be installed within a concrete slab to provide for all of your floor heating needs including: warm tile, carpeting, wood or laminate floors, vinyl, linoleum, etc.

Choose from several sizes below in either 120 or 230 Volts. These are Standard sizes available from stock immediately. Standard sizes are for use inside structures and can generate up to 15 watts per Square Foot (51 BTUs per SF per Hour) depending on how close you space the cables.All Stock cables have a 7 foot cold lead for connection to one of our automatic programmable thermostats (all have built in GFCI protection and a timer with temperature control). The cables leads connect to the thermostat ideally within one or two feet so the power lead can make it up the wall to the thermostat (or you can use a junction box). We recommend the SunTouch Thermostats  for Indoor applications.

Custom cables can also be manufactured in 1 week in lengths up to 1000 feet for larger indoor floor heating applications but usually our STOCKED standard sizes will work well for your heated floor application.

Nexans Indoor Floor Heating Cables Installation Instructions

Nexans 30 Year Warranty read it here

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