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Nexans Thick Cables 120V

Nexans Cables are available in Standard lengths in both 120v & 230v with a 7 Ft cold lead for connection to the thermostat. Multiple cables can be used and all connect to the Thermostat; the cables DO NOT connect end to end. 

Spacing between cable runs is determined by considering the area you want to heat and desired wattage per Sq Foot. The closer the cable runs are speaced, the more heat generated. Code requires 15 Watts Per SF or less.

Nexans has recently introduced the Dual Wire cable - 2 conductors is BEST - to replace it's original single conductor cable. We stock all sizes available in the improved Dual wire cables for the easiest installation (no end of wire to loop back to the beginning like the original design)

We noticed you put items with 2 different voltages in your cart.
You probably already knew that; this is a friendly reminder…
Voltage rating of floor heating system MUST ALWAYS MATCH power supply voltage of circuit,
even if a Dual 120/240 Voltage Thermostat is selected. Please double check before ordering.

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