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Nuheat Cable Systems

Nuheat Cable is an Electric Radiant Floor Heating system that allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room including those with curves and angles. Patented Nuheat Cable Guides (included in each kit) are first secured onto the subfloor around the perimeter of the room. The Nuheat Cable Guides are superior to other clips or straps provided with other floor heating cable products as they are made of durable yet flexible plastic and lay flat on the subfloor to guarantee the lowest profile. The heating cable is then installed and covered with thinset mortar or floor leveling cement (aka self-leveler). After the mortar has cured flooring can then be installed on top of this new layer.
The Nuheat Cable may also be installed in combination with the Nuheat Mat system. Both systems have leads and can be wired together to the same thermostat. So you can use Standard mats for rectangular or square areas and fill in with cables for the irregular angled or curved portions of your room.
  • Easy installation with a single-point lead
  • Low profile - 3/16" thick
  • On-site flexibility
  • Powerful heating (40 BTUs per Sq Ft) and yet Energy efficient (12 watts per sq ft) at typical 3" spacing
  • Nearly Zero EMF twin wire technology
  • Installs under tile, stone, marble, and laminate/engineered wood floors
  • Suitable for shower and sauna applications - UL LIsted
  • 25-year warranty backed by Nuheat Industries

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