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SunTouch Slab Heat Cable

SunTouch® SlabHeat™ Cables are the best solution for true radiant floor heating installed within a new concrete slab pour. SlabHeat is engineered by the world leader in electric floor heating systems with the capability to produce enough BTUs to heat a slab, the space, and the surface people walk on. Regardless of size, shape, or thickness, SlabHeat is the way to provide heat to just about any indoor space.

  • Tough polyurethane jacket offers superior flexibility, abrasion and tear resistance, impact resistance, resiliency and better low temperature stability than the PVC used in competing products.
  • Safety built in ZERO EMF dual wire cables are UL Listed
  • Engineered by Watts Radiant SunTouch – decades of experience in hydronic and electric radiant heating
  • Comfortable, even heat without the drying effects of forced air heating
  • Reliable, durable design
  • Invisible with no lost space - not like large intrusive base board heaters, no vents or duct work
  • Maintenance-free and silent
  • Efficient radiant heat of up to 51 BTUs per Sq Ft

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