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WarmWire 240V Kits

Buy WarmWire Floor Heating kits for heated floors made easy. These floor heating kits contain EVERYTHING you need for a successful heated floor installation. Choose the convenience of this floor warming comfort in 1 box and save money. Or buy WarmWire spools, floor heating thermostats, cable strap and accessories individually!

WarmWire Blue Cable Spool

WarmWire is now BLUE and better than before!


  • 3" inch spacing means faster installation
  • Blue Flexible Polyurethane WaterProof Jacket
  • Thin but durable: Total thickness of 1/8" (0.10-0.13)
  • ETFE Insulation impact and cut resistant
  • Metal foil shield for extra protection
  • ZERO Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Emission
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Manufactured in Springfield, MO, USA.

Why choose 240V WarmWire? 240 V is the best option for larger areas (over 150 SF) or if you have an available 240V circuit already in place because you are replacing an inefficient  baseboard heater for example. You can put double the Sq Footage on a 240V circuit than on a 120v circuit. 

SunTouch WarmWire Kits for 240v are offered beginning at 20 Sq Ft Size and up to 500 Sq Ft all in One Box with all the right materials for your convenience. Kits over 300 Sq Ft also include 1 SunStat II Relay (model 500810) which requires a second circuit. Need a larger Kit? We can custom build you any size system you need! 

Each WarmWire Floor Heating Kit contains 1 or more rolls of Warm Wire Heating Cable to heat the Square Footage you select, the SunStat PRO II Programmable & GFCI Protected electronic heated floor thermostat (500775) with built-in timer and floor sensor wire plus all needed installation materials including WarmWire Cable Strap to hold down the wire, 2 sided tape to secure the strap , a LoudMouth monitor, and a detailed Installation manual are ALL Included. A complete Electric Radiant floor heating system in one box. We have How-To installation videos online.

Ready for Heated Floors?

Installation is easy and we're here to help!

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