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Floor Heating Mats

Floor heating mats are the most popular way to add electric radiant floor heating to your home. Not only is the installation process quicker and easier than installing cable, but there is less room for error during the installation. Why take the risk of having cables spaced incorrectly leading to sub-par heating when you can purchase a high quality mat that was manufactured with optimal spacing built in?

We carry two brands of electric radiant floor heating mats: SunTouch and Nuheat. Both companies are very reputable and well-established manufacturers of high quality products. Their mats are equal in terms of heat output, energy usage and durability. The only difference is in the installation process, and they both have their benefits in that area as well.

SunTouch mats provide the most flexibility on the jobsite. They come in 24 in, 30 in, and 36 in rolls that can be cut and turned to custom fit a room. They are great for rooms that are oddly shaped and floors that have obstructions in them such as vents or islands.

Nuheat mats come in squares and rectangles. They cannot be cut or altered on the jobsite, but they provide the fastest installation of all standard sized mats and cables. Also, with the large selection of sizes they provide you are sure to be able to find one or more mats that can be used together to fit your space.

For the best coverage and easiest installation of all, consider ordering a custom mat. Both SunTouch and Nuheat custom mats are available.

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