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Floor Heating Mats

Radiant Electric Floor Heating Mats are a faster way to install electric radiant floor heat in your home! Mats are easier than wire because all you have to do is lay them out, instead of weaving individual wires back and forth between the cable guides.

SunTouch TapeMats can lay out to fit into the area you want to heat and easily attaches to the subfloor with double-sided tape. The orange mesh on the mat can be cut in order to flip and turn them so they will fit into the desired heating area. The blue heating wire in SunTouch TapeMats are spaced at 2.5" inches to ensure the most even distribution of heat. The wire is able to separate from the mat to get into hard-to-reach areas of your room. Nuheat Mats are adhered to the ground by laying thinset on the subfloor and the mat on top. Nuheat Mats cannot be cut, but come in standard sizes or can be made custom to fit the area of your floor.Click here to learn more about measuring your area for a custom mat.

Radiant Electric floor heating mats are best if you are trying to save time and get your project done more quickly.

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