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Floor Heating Mats

Need a faster, easier way to install electric radiant floor heating? When minutes count, don’t tangle with loose cable, try our easy-to-install floor heating mats instead. We stock a wide range of high-quality mats from Nuheat and SunTouch that are sure to fit almost any project. Or try a TapeMat Kit that includes a thermostat and everything you need to install, in one box.

Tricky layout? Get around kitchen islands and shower stalls with ease when you order a custom mat for an exact fit. Add warmth to existing floors when you retrofit with SunTouch UnderFloor mats. No matter what you choose, all our mats have built-in optimal spacing to save you valuable planning and installation time, so you can finish your floor project faster.

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SunTouch Mats

Need a faster, easier way to install electric radiant floor heating? When minutes count, don’t tangle with loose cable, try our easy-to-install floor heating mats instead. Attach SunTouch mats directly to the subfloor quickly and easily with double-sided tape to keep them in place. The mats’ unique open-weave design makes one-step mortar installation fast and easy. Add a programmable thermostat for ultimate convenience and energy efficiency, and have warm floors ready when you want them.

SunTouch TapeMat Kits

No time for guesswork? Our SunTouch TapeMat kits have everything you need to install an electric radiant floor heating system. Kits are available in a range of square footage and include enough mats for your project, a SunStat programmable thermostat, a Loudmouth alarm  to ensure that wires are installed without damage, double-sided tape for fast and easy installation, and exclusively from Warm Your Floor, a digital multimeter to check Ohm output on mats. Get warm floors in one box!

Nuheat Custom Mats

Nuheat has the longest track record in the industry of creating custom mats designed specifically for rooms with angles and/or curves. Nuheat's custom-shaped mats provide optimal coverage of under floor heat when standard sized mats would leave cold spots in vial areas. Nothing can provide better coverage than Nuheat custom mats, because they are made specifically for your space.

If you are interested in getting a mat custom made for your area, measure the room(s) you would like heated and send us a drawing of the space, and we can build you a CUSTOM Nuheat Mat that will fit your room perfectly in just 8-10 days.

Nuheat Standard Mats

Say goodbye to cold floors in just a few steps with our easy-to-install Nuheat mats. Available in a wide variety of sizes, our mats are the easiest solution underneath tile applications, from the smallest bathroom to large kitchens or living rooms. Just spread a layer of thinset, place the mat, and directly apply tile or stone right on top. Add an underlayment to install Nuheat mats with laminate or engineered hardwood floor. For ultimate convenience and energy efficiency, install a programmable thermostat and have warm floors ready when you want them.

UnderFloor Retro-Fit Mats

Want warm floors without the hassle and expense of installing new flooring? You can add warmth and comfort to your home without having to rip up and replace existing floors. Our versatile SunTouch UnderFloor mats work with any floor type – even carpet and hardwood! – and are easily installed by stapling under existing joists. Add a layer of insulation for optimal floor heating, and a programmable thermostat for the ultimate convenience and energy efficiency to have warm floors ready when you are.

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Floor Heating Basics

Learn about the history and benefits of floor heating and how easy it is to add to your home.

Planning Your Layout

Measuring your area accurately is an important first step. Use our guidelines to get started.

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Safe GFCI Thermostats can be programmed so you can set them once and enjoy warm comfortable floors when you want them.

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