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Build your own Mat

Nuheat Custom Mats are a unique solution for perfect-fit floor heating mats.

When full coverage cannot be achieved with Nuheat's standard mats (example: rooms with angles or curved walls), Nuheat can manufacture custom mats in just a few days to provide optimal coverage. Once dimensions are confirmed by you, a custom mat is manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of the area.

Nuheat custom mats are less than 1/8" thick, easy to install, energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options. Installation of any Nuheat mat takes a fraction of the time required for installation of other floor heating systems since they come ready to install right out of the box.

The Nuheat Mat(s) is simply adhered directly to the subfloor using thinset and the flooring can then be immediately installed over top. In the case of tile or stone, simply spread thinset and set your tile on the smoothest floor heating surface available today.

Measuring for Your Nuheat Custom Mat is easy, but does require a few details.

  • Measure tight and write all measurements down; even the small ones through doorways,etc.
  • Move around the entire room, through doorways and around obstruction (floor vents, drains, etc)
  • do not make allowances or subtractions from walls or built-ins
  • provide all the actual measurements and allow us to make adjustments around the edges of the room as needed

Ready to measure? Grab a pencil and paper, measuring tape and our measuring instructions