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Nuheat Standard Mats

Nuheat mats are available in both 120v (for areas 150 sq ft or less) and 240v (for areas more than 150 sq ft). They come in a large variety of sizes and install faster and easier than any other mat on the market. Nuheat mats are suitable for use under tile, engineered hardwood, laminate, and carpet flooring.

• Emits 12 watts (41 BTUs) worth of heat per sq ft

• Thin but durable: Total thickness of approximately 1/8"

• Very smooth surface for tiling over

• 10 ft power lead

• UL listed for use in showers and other wet areas

• ETFE Insulation impact and cut resistant

• 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

• Manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

We noticed you put items with 2 different voltages in your cart.
You probably already knew that; this is a friendly reminder…
Voltage rating of floor heating system MUST ALWAYS MATCH power supply voltage of circuit,
even if a Dual 120/240 Voltage Thermostat is selected. Please double check before ordering.

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