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30" Mats (10-80 Sq Ft)

A few Home Centers occasionally have in stock 3 of the 30 Inch Wide mat sizes

But Warm Your Floor ALWAYS has them in stock, for the lowest prices and same day shipment. And not just these 30 inch widths, but EVERY size mat SunTouch® makes. Ships immediately, not in 2 or 3 or more days - the same day you order, up to 6 PM EST.

If you want the 30" Wide mats you've seen, we have them. 30 inch wide by 4 Ft, 6 Ft, 8 Ft or 10 Ft Long. Plus all the Thermostats and accessories you need. Everything and it is IN STOCK.

In ADDITION to these sizes, we have 24 inch and 36 inch Widths too - Choose from 32 sizes of 120 volt mats - All In Stock at Warm Your Floor. Our 120v mats cover up to 80 Sq Feet EACH.

Warm Your Floor — The Radiant Floor Heating Experts™. We don't sell nails, toilets, or bricks - Just Electric Radiant Floor Heating.

And we also offer 240v mats - 25 sizes in all , mats that cover from 20 to 160 Sq Ft EACH!

And, we now offer the NEW SunTouch Mat KITS - everything you need for a warm floor in 1 box.

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