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SunTouch 120V Mat 30"x 18' 12001830

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The 12001830 SunTouch 120V Mat 30"x 18' 12001830 installs quickly.

  • Mat size: 2.5' x 18' (2.5x18 feet), OR (30" x 216" (30x216 inches) 0.76m x 5.49m (0.76x5.49 meters))
  • Heated area: 45 Sq Ft
  • Heat output (BTU): 1845 BTU total
  • Click here to see all the quality standard features built in to SunTouch .
  • What’s in the box: 12001830 - Classic Mat, Detailed Installation Manual. Installation videos online.
  • 25 year warranty backed by USA Manufacturer since 1873
  • Made in USA
  • 12001830,

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Voltage 120 VAC
How to choose 120 or 240 Volt Same Energy efficiency & same Watts/SF. More Sq Footage per circuit with 240v
Full Length End-to-End ground wire Yes
Length of heating area Feet 18' ft. feet
Width of heating area Inches 30" in. inch
Length of heating area Inches 216" in. inch
Watts Per SF 12 Watts per Sq Foot
Heat Output BTUs per SF 41 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour
Heating Power : Total BTU's 1845 BTU total
Manufacturer SunTouch Watts Radiant
Packaging Easy Open Cardboard - no frustration
Brand Name SunTouch Tape Mat
Power Lead Type Armored, NEC color code, Single point connection at 1 corner of mat. No return wire like inferior products
Power Lead Length 10 Feet
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) 18 AWG
Product Thickness 0.122 (less than 1/8")
Heating Wire Spacing 2.75 inches
Ohms Reading (resistance value) 22-28 ohms
ZERO* EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Yes. Verified by Independent Testing Laboratory as ultra low. REET test
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation SunStat Floor sensing thermostat
Conduit required for Power Leads Conduit does make installation easier in new construction (not required)
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps No
Skill Level Installation only by qualified persons. Electrician recommended for wiring. Read More
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Required for each circuit. Built-in to all SunTouch SunStats.
Circuit Breakers and Supply Wire (always follow local code)
Mats or WireSupply WireBreaker
VACtotal amps(AWG*)qtytyperating
120up to 12 amps141single pole15 or 20 A
120up to 15 amps121single pole
20 A
240up to 12 amps141double pole15 or 20 A
240up to 15 amps121double pole20 A

* Recommended only. Follow local codes for wire gauge size.

Maximum Circuit Overload Protection 20 A Breaker
Maximum Circuit Load 15 Amps
Electrical Box Size (Where Mats connect to Thermostat) Extra-deep single-gang box for 1 or 2 leads, Or 4" square deep box for 3 cables (extra room needed for Wire, wire nuts, control)
Shower Installation Permitted Yes, can be installed in a tiled shower. UL listed, verify local code.
Installation Layout Map customized for my project Yes
Expected Floor Temperature This is dependent on many factors. A well-insulated floor can ensure better performance.
Insulation Recommended Yes; under slabs or framed floors. Cork or similar on top of Concrete Subfloor as thermal break
Indoor Installation Only INTERIOR floor heating Application only. Embedded in Mortar or self leveling concrete only
Installation On Sub Floor on TOP of Sub Floor (Plywood, backer board, concrete)
Distance from Wax Ring at toilet flange Install 4 - 6 inches away; can be under front of toilet. Approx 20" from wall
Trowel Size recommended Minimum 3/8" x 1/4". Dependent on tile size - verify with tile/mortar manufacturer
Trowel type Recommended Heavy Duty Plastic PRO-Trowel
Minimum Bend Radius 1 inch
Cut Warning No. Never cut the heating elements to shorten
Minimum Installation Temperature 50 Degrees F / 10 Degrees C
More Details

More Details

Why Helps

SunTouch = Zero EMF

An emerging issue in the electric radiant heat industry is EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation. SunTouch pioneered and sells only ZERO EMF products constructed with active dual wire EMF-canceling technology.

All SunTouch products use a complex wire construction with two heating elements in parallel with an added and patented helical twist to eliminate EMF. Other electric radiant floor heating companies sell single-wire systems that release high levels of EMF when compared to SunTouch.

What is EMF? Electromagnetic fields (EMF) come from all electrical appliances, but studies show an average American's daily exposure is less than 1 unit (mG) of EMF. But. when you sit on an unshielded electric radiant floor, you may be exposed to 20, 40, or more times the average daily exposure. This Data comes from Independent testing. Read More Here

Is limiting exposure to EMF important? No one is certain. The World Health Organization says the data is inconclusive to date, but continues their research. We provide this EMF information because it is important to some people, not to frighten you or exaggerate any risk.

For many years customers have chosen SunTouch Zero EMF systems, but we leave the choice to you after explaining what we do know.

Warranty from Manufacturer 25 year warranty backed by USA Manufacturer since 1873
Amp Draw 4.5
Heated Area $45.00
Heating Wire construction ETFE Fluoropolymer, metal shield and Outside layer of PEX
Size in Inches 30" x 216" (30x216 inches)
Size in Feet 2.5' x 18' (2.5x18 feet)
Wattage : Total watts 540 watts
Installation Style Open Mesh Mat. Heating wire secured to Mat with Tape. Requires tape, staples or glue to attach to floor.
Custom Size Options None. Standard Mats only.
Repairable Heating Wire Yes, Wire can be repaired. Repair kits and assistance available
Safety Listing UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listed for U.S. and Canada under UL 1673 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 130-03, File No. E185866
Canadian Electric Code reference No
National Electric Code reference No
Acceptable Floor Coverings Natural Stone,Tile, Laminate, Engineered Woods, Carpet, Vinyl, Linoleum, Solid Hardwood (if you use sleepers)
Made In USA Made in USA
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