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Floor Heating Thermostat Support Page

Thermostat Installation and Programming instructions for Our Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems are below. All the thermostats we offer have GFCI protection built-in for your Safety. Look for these safety features in ANY control you consider:

  • GFCI protection that is CLASS A - 5 milli amp trip
  • Check the manufacturer - Is the Thermostat made FOR them or BY them
  • Where is the T-stat Manufactured? Most AUBE Thermostats are manufactured in China and have had higher failure rates in our 7 years experience.
  • Is the T-stat Listed to UL Standards by CSA or ETL ?

Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats Instructions for Viewing,download,or printing

SunTouch SunStat PRO 500670 Programmable Thermostat 120/240v in one T-stat

This control was introduced in Sept. 2007 and is our top selling model. The most features designed and built by Suntouch in their own factory.

SunTouch Relay SubControl 500680

 Harmony Thermostat Installation and Programming (HMY110/220) Guide 

  OJ Thermostat Programming & Installation (UCCG/UCTG) Instructions

 OJ Thermostat Online LIVE Tutorial

 Non Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats

SunTouch SunStat PRO 500675 NON Programmable Thermostat 120/240v in one T-stat

This New LCD display control is the Non-programmable version of the SunStat PRO and was introduced in Sept. 2007.


SunTouch 500550-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat 

This Dial Thermostat is discontinued.

 SunStat 500710-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat 

This Dial Thermostat is a lighter duty version of the 550 programable

Instrucciones en Espanol

SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions in Spanish

SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control in Spanish

SunStat Non-Program 500675 in Spanish

SunStat Relay (500680) Instructions in Spanish

Harmony Thermostat Installation & Programming Guide in Spanish

Discontinued Models

Click photo for Live tutorial for the discontinued SunTouch 500650-120 or -240

2007-2009 SunTouch 500650-120/240 AKA Nuheat NTG-5110,220 Programmable Thermostat

This Thermostat will be discontinued by Nuheat in early 2009 and has already been discontinued by SunTouch. This T-stat is manufactured by Aube in China for several floor heating manufacturers. 

2006 & Before SunTouch Prog Thermostat 500650-120/240  

SunTouch 500550-120 Dial Thermostat (Non-programmable) Instructions

SunTouch SunStat 500700-120 Large Dial (Non-programmable) Instructions