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Need Help choosing which MATS will fit your room?

We can make it easy. Take advantage of our FREE design services.

Send us your sketch; it does not have to be elaborate - it just has to have all the measurements of the room. Here's an example of a drawing we received recently, on a paper plate!


Fax Toll Free to 866 . 558 . 2010 or Email to quote@warmyourfloor.com

Prepare your drawing

  1. Sketch the shape of the room.
  2. Using your thermostat location as a starting point, begin measuring the complete inside perimeter of the room at floor level finishing at the same location
  3. Write in ALL measurements around the whole room.
  4. Locate toilet, Bidet, vanities, make-up knee space, vents, drains, etc. (if applicable)
  5. Please indicate the proposed thermostat location with a “ 
  6. Fax or Email to WarmYourFloor and include your contact information for a prompt and no obligation quote
SunTouch "how to measure guidelines" for floor heating mats click here