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HeatTrak Industrial Snow Melting Stair Mat 11" x 84" 240v

SKU SMRT11-84-240V

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HeatTrak Industrial Snow Melting Stair Tread Mats eliminate snow and ice and are EASY to install and portable.

HeatTrak® Industrial Snow-Melting Stair Mats are engineered to prevent snow and ice accumulation on stairs that have our electrically heated mats. The mat plugs into any standard 120V or 240V outlet (select when ordering) generating heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour. These Heavy Duty Industrial mats are built with flame retardant reinforced SBR rubber and designed to spend all winter  in place outdoors. Each Industrial Stair Mat has watertight connector cables (18 inches long) enabling it to connect to additional Industrial Stair Mats. Up to 13 amps can be connected on a single plug. Industrial Commercial mats do NOT connect to residential products.

Each Set of HeatTrak Stair mats requires the separate purchase of a HR-P Power Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet (120v and 240v available). Multiple stair mats can be connected together on 1 power unit, up to 13 amp maximum.

EFFICIENT operation costs as little as 60 cents a day (depending on kilowatt hour cost and size of mat). POWERFUL 35-40 watts per Sq Ft is equivalent to many permanent installations and built-in Ground Fault Protection is built-in to each power unit cord. Place HeatTrak Mats for heated walkways, at entrances, porches, stair landings, loading docks, handicap ramps, rooftops, and most other surfaces, to provide a clean and safe passageway for foot traffic or wheelchair access. Durable for all foot traffic but you cannot drive on them.

All Commercial Industrial Mats Ship in 3-10 Days, they are made to order

Remember to order a power unit : Each set of Industrial Stair Mats requires the purchase of a Power Unit to connect the system on an electrical outlet.



Voltage 240 VAC
How to choose 120 or 240 Volt Most customers choose 120v
Watts Per SF 35-40
Heat Output BTUs per SF 120+
Manufacturer Heat Trak, LLC
Brand Name HeatTrak
Power Lead Type Purchase power unit separately
Thickness 0.5" in. inches
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation Yes, Power unit required
Width of heating area Inches 11
Length of heating area Inches 74
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps

Connecting the Stair Mat System is simple. See installation manual included with your product for all details. 

  2. Lay the Heated Stair Mats on consecutive steps so with traction side up.
  3. Connect all mats together by connecting the Connector Cables of each mat, first removing the watertight cap at the end of the mats female connector. Do not remove the cap of the last mat in your series.
  4. Align the male and female ends of the Connector Cables and firmly push the cables together so until they are completely connected. If the male and female ends do not feel securely connected together, then flip the female end of the cord over and try again to ensure a secure watertight fit.
  5. Then connect the Power Unit Cord to the first mat nearest the outlet as above
  6. After all the cables are securely connected, be sure that the edge of the mats with the cables are placed to the out of the way on the side of the steps to eliminate a tripping hazard
  7. Plug the Power Cord into a properly grounded outlet. The mat is on when a red light appears on the power plug. If no light appears, refer to the installation instructions for testing the GFCI plug.
Skill Level Easy, plug and play installation
Maximum Circuit Load 13 Amps
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Yes
Do Not Install in other surfaces Not for composite decks
More Details

More Details

Warranty from Manufacturer 2 years
Amp Draw 0.7
Heated Area $5.65
Total Watts 176
Custom Size Options Yes, in standard widths only. 11,24,36, or 48 inches by any length
Safety Listing HR-P power unit UL Listed
Repairable Heating Wire No

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