HeatTrak Commercial Industrial Walkway and Stair Mats are portable snow and ice melting mats used by smart homeowners and businesses to keep walkways and steps clear for slip prevention. Plug 6 foot long electrical power unit cord into your outlet at the beginning of cold weather and leave the snow melting mat outside all season and activate it as needed.

The Heavy Duty Industrial mats are rated for commercial foot traffic but are chosen by many homeowners for their residences due to their durability and larger size range than the Residential walkway mat or stair mat which each come in 1 size only.  

Snow Melting mats are made by HeatTrak and have an electric heating element sandwiched between the two durable protective layers of flame retardant reinforced thermosplastic rubber, making them as durable as auto tires and ensuring they endure harsh weather and wear. These Snow Melt Mats plug directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet (you choose and specify) and protect you with the built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) or ELCI depending on voltage and size.


Powering HeatTrak Industrial Commercial Walkway mats: The Power unit and 6' cord is included and pre-attached to the mat at the factory. All 240V Walkway Mats and 120V mats larger than 30 sq feet have an ELCI (Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter) with 30mA trip level. Mats larger than 30 sq feet will be too powerful for standard GFCI outlets. A dedicated non ground fault protected outlet, protected by a 30mA GFEP type circuit breaker, will be required. Outlet should have appropriate label indicating it is a non-GFCI outlet. 

Walkway mats each have their own plug and do not connect together, nor do they connect to stair mats. 

Powering HeatTrak Industrial Commercial Stair Mats: A power unit with pre-attached 6' cord must be purchased or your mats will not work. 

Multiple stair mats can be connected together. The number of stair treads that can be connected with one cord and outlet depends on the size of the stair tread; the amp load maximum is 13 amps.

Stair mats are purchased individually for the number of steps you need AND you must order 1 power unit for stair mat set. For example, if you have 3 steps on your front porch and 4 in back, order 7 stair mats and 2 power units. Stair mats connect end-to-end to the next stair with the included 18 inch long cord. The stair treads are portable and are designed and built with grommet holes to make securing the treads both simple and effective (see instruction manual for recommended methods of securing the mat).

HeatTrak Snow Melt Mats FAQ

Commercial Industrial Snow Melt Mats Installation Instructions

Commercial Industrial mats may ship direct to you from the factory in 3 - 15 business Days depending on the season. Contact us for ETA. Most larger mats are made to order.