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Bathroom Floor Heating

Warm Your Bare Feet on the Bathroom Floor

If the thought of stepping on cold bathroom tile in the morning has you hitting the snooze button instead of the shower, we can help. Don’t dread cold floors, ease into your day with an easy-to-install electric radiant heating system from Warm Your Floor. Add a programmable thermostat so floors will be warm by the time you’re ready to wake up.

Warm Your Floor stocks products for most types of flooring, and we have a wide range of solutions to fit your bathroom and your budget. Browse our products below and contact us today for expert advice on installing electric radiant floor heat to get a head start on waking up naturally – with warm feet, instead of ice-cold floors.

Solutions for Your Bathroom Floor Heating

Custom Floor Heating Mats


  • The easiest and best option for hard-to-fit rooms.
  • Saves you valuable installation time.
  • Optimal spacing for heating built in.
Standard Floor Heating Mats


  • Excellent all-in-one solution.
  • Best for rectangular or square rooms with simple floor plans.
  • Optimal spacing for heating built in.
Floor Heating Cables


  • The traditional, less expensive method for floor heating with time-consuming installation to get heat where you need it.
  • Requires you to plan wire placement for optimal heating.

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