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Are ALL Types & Sizes of tiles suitable for electric radiant floor heated floor?
by Customer Info on March 21, 2013
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Glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, granite and slate floors are all excellent choices with radiant floor heat. 1”x1” Mosaic to 4' x 4' slabs of Limestone You’re only limited by your creativity – see our complete installation instructions for details on tiles smaller than 6”. If you're not sure – call us toll free 866-558-3369.
<br> We have Mat Sizes For the Smallest to Largest spaces. Need to warm a small 10 Sq Ft. area? We have 3 mats choices to help! If you have a little mat left over, you can always use up a square foot of mat by pulling out the blue wire and laying it along the side and behind the toilet. But, you can Never cut the wire to shorten the mat. We stock all sizes to help you fit any shape or size room - that is how flexible SunTouch is. Our largest job is almost 8,000 Sq feet UNDER CARPET right here in Sunny Southern Calif! And we have helped do thousands in between - Let yours be next!