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Besides baths and kitchens, what are other popular places for SunTouch?
by Customer Info on March 21, 2013
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Mudrooms and Sunrooms are excellent choices for floor warming. Warm floors help moisture dry and sunrooms are often added after the primary heating systems have been completed, so adding radiant floor heat can be a major improvement. We hear frequent stories from people who have bathrooms over garages. Regardless of the insulation level in the floor, the temperature in the room is going to approach the temperature in the garage. While that might be OK for a car, your feet will be ice cold. Similarly, any room that is cantilevered over an open area or illuminated with big north facing windows is going to be a comfort problem. SunTouch mats can make a wonderful improvement in those rooms. Warm bathroom floors of any size - and SunTouch Radiant Floor Heat is not just for the bathroom - use it almost anywhere - its even UL approved for use In the Shower Floor.