Building Magazine calls HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats 2012's Best Buy for Winter! | Warm Your Floor
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Building Magazine calls HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats 2012’s Best Buy for Winter!
by Sergio Adorna on February 17, 2013
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Building magazine has named HeatTrak Snow Melting mats one of the most cost-effective products of 2012! Their non-slip grip makes this product a must-have for winter in order to keep your home and workplace safe. They protect individuals from injury and facilities from the high costs associated with them. Every year there are more accidents because of slips and falls during the winter. HeatTrak mats are designed with a non-slip pattern for extra grip to get rid of these avoidable injuries. Such accidents can cost up to $22,000, according to the National Safety Council, and these mats are the most valuable money-saving product you can buy to prevent these. HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats will keep your outdoor walkways and stairs snow-free all winter long! Not only are they a safety precaution, but they are so easy to install and stay put all winter long. Simply lay them out and plug them in! HeatTrak mats greatly reduce the amount of strenuous labor that traditional snow removal requires. HeatTrak Snow Melting mats are easy to install, safe, and save you can focus on other things!