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Can one Thermostat control 2 or more separate SunTouch mats?
by Customer Info on March 27, 2013
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You can connect up to 3 mats totalling 150 Sq Ft of 120V and 300 Sq Feet of 240V SunTouch mat to one SunStat (15 Amp Load). More than 3 mats makes for an unsafe wire connection in the electrical box and violates most electric codes. So, keep it to 3 mats or less — simply choose larger mats from our selection of 67 sizes in 4 widths. You could also use a series of junction boxes to connect more mats to one SunStat, but this is seldom necessary or cost effective when you can simply choose the right mats for your project. Or, let us help you choose the correct mats.