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Do the individual SunTouch mats or WarmWire spools listed for a kit ever change?
by Kristopher Marciniak on June 25, 2013
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While we try to have the most up to date information on our site from the manufacturer, sometimes the individual mats or spools inside our kits change without warning. That is to say a 100 Sq Ft Mat Kit should contain two 2' x 25' (50SF) mats, but it is possible that you may receive a 2' x 30' (60SF) mat and a 2' x 20' (40SF) making up a total of 100 Sq Ft. Both SunTouch Mats and WarmWire spools are easy to configure to fit your space, but we never want to complicate your installation. If for some reason you need a specific size mat or spool in your kit - call us and we'll be glad to get you exactly what you need to make your installation simple and easy.