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SunTouch TapeMat Kit Features & Benefits
by Kristopher Marciniak on May 24, 2013
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SunTouch TapeMat Kits are an easy and affordable way to get everything you need to heat your area.

Here's what's included in a SunTouch TapeMat Kit:
SunTouch Floor Heating Mat with 10 Ft Armored power lead.
SunStat PRO II Thermostat Model 500775 with dual Voltage, Built-in GFCI protection, and Preset or Custom programming. LCD
Backlit display and 15 Ft floor sensor wire included.
LoudMouth installation monitor for an audible warning if continuity is broken during installation simply connect the included 9-volt battery. Designed & patented by SunTouch contractors call this handy tool peace of mind.
Installation Manual with all instructions, suggestions and examples of floor heating layouts.
And, Only from Warm Your Floor, we include:
Digital Ohm Meter for testing of your mats before, during and after installation complete with 9 volt battery.
Suntouch Tips & tricks secrets from experienced installers gathered over many years.