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The New SunStat View is Here!
by Customer Info on April 15, 2013
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With its radiant color display, The SunTouch SunStat View thermostat is both appealing and user friendly. Suntouch, the forerunner in floor heat technology, has advanced to the new comprehensive touch screen technology. The Easy Setup Wizard allows you to make a custom heat cycle schedule, or simply select a pre-set program that works for you. See it, Touch it, Change it.

The SunStat View Touch Screen Thermostat is Best in Class and on the way to becoming a top seller because it is packed with features in an elegant and easy to use design.  Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) protection is included in each thermostat and a 3-year warranty is provided to protect your investment. The 15’ sensor wire or air sensing modes will keep your floors at a consistent temperature to avoid overheating.

Simply touch the screen and use the Setup Wizard to get started on customizing your schedule, choosing a language, adjusting display brightness and checking your energy usage.

• Designed and manufactured by SunTouch Watts Radiant in their own factory.
• Setup Wizard helps you control floor heat easily.
• Pause your program temporarily or use Vacation Mode anytime.
• Can be used with both 120V and 240V floor heating systems
• Manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty
• Clock adjusts automatically to daylight savings times.
• Large LCD Color  touch screen with adjustable brightness displays time, day, temperature, etc.
• The View can control a network of 10 Relays (sku: 500810) to monitor up to 3300 Sq Ft in one zone; each Relay or View requires a circuit.
• Program menu allows you to create a personalized schedule.
• Comprehensive program options include: Normal Day, Warm All Night, Home During Day, etc.
• Flexible technology design will allow new features to be added later.
• No pins to align or bend when mounting faceplate to power base on wall.
• Stronger connection to household wiring using solid conductor wires on LINE side of thermostat.
• Enhanced HOLD temperature feature can hold a continuous temperature for 1 to 99 days.
• Class A GFCI (no breaker required) is built in for your protection.
• Indicator light and the words “GFCI TRIP” during TEST function reveals GFCI warning sign.
• Choice of English, French or Spanish languages.
• Error codes and messages contain more highly developed features.
• Home Automation Integration features, which may be purchased separately, are currently being developed for their introduction to the market in 2013.
• Faceplate door may be painted to match wall color.