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What about Nuheat Custom Heat Mats?
by Customer Info on April 25, 2013
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Yes! Nuheat is the only floor heating manufacturer that can build you a custom heat mat. These special order custom heating mats can be manufacturered in as little as 3 days, but rarely take longer than 7 days. The option to have custom mats made specifically for rooms with angles, curves or odd shapes that cannot be accommodated with the standard square and rectangle mats is unique to Nuheat. Simply send us your detailed measurements and we will provide a quote within 24 hours.
Once we recommend the appropriate Nuheat mat(s) and controls for your warm floors project, you simply need to confirm the design and measurements. You will then receive a final quote for your Nuheat in floor heating system and we will await your order.
Once you receive the Nuheat Custom mat you simply open the box and drop it into place for a perfect fit! There is no easier floor heating system available. Read more information about our Nuheat Custom Mats and getting a quote from Warm Your Floor!