What's the warranty on WarmWire and how long do you think it will last? | Warm Your Floor
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What’s the warranty on WarmWire and how long do you think it will last?
by Customer Info on April 2, 2013
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We offer an Industry Leading 25 year warranty that is unusual in our industry. We think the product will last a great deal longer because of several design decisions we made years ago. The great danger to any heating cable in a bathroom floor is oxidation caused by moisture. So, we use a very expensive wire insulation called Tefzel by DuPont. The physical properties of this polymer are unmatched for the application, notably its water resistance, dielectric properties and long-term temperature aging. We also use oxygen-free alloys in our heating elements to give them greater longevity. No one builds a better heating element wire than WarmWire. Compare our wire construction to other systems - your choice will be clear.   Furthermore, Watts is a 135 year old USA manufacturer, with $1.4 Billion in sales. So there's a Real USA manufacturer standing behind the warranty. Not an importer or offshore manufacturer. WarmWire is made in America, by Americans, for American homes. Several competitors produce their products offshore, but not WarmWire.