Will Radiant Floor Heat warm carpet or a floating wood floor? How about Laminate? | Warm Your Floor
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Will Radiant Floor Heat warm carpet or a floating wood floor? How about Laminate?
by Customer Info on April 2, 2013

Yes. Install & attach Radiant Floor heat such as, WarmWire or Nuheat Cable to your subfloor and cover with a thin layer of self leveling mortar on top. This will add only slightly more than a quarter inch rise to your floor. The mortar spreads the heat evenly and helps protect the heating wires from sharp objects that might penetrate the floor. This installation is UL Approved. Be wary of systems that install directly under carpet - check for a UL Listing and assess their ability to withstand furniture placement and safety in the event the carpet gets wet by a spill or accident.
We know of one manufacturer of a wire for directly under carpet; but we will not sell it. We simply do NOT believe it is safe. It has a short warranty and is made offshore. What happens if you put a heavy piece of furniture right on a wire with this wire? We'll stick with our quality products that get encased in a thin layer of mortar for YOUR protection.

by Tony on April 18, 2013 at 18:24pm

Can I install mats or wire under TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Plank flooring. Would I need a thin layer of mortar?

by Customer Info on April 23, 2013 at 16:05pm

Hi Tony,
Yes you can install radiant floor heating mat or wire under most brands of vinyl plank flooring including TrafficMaster as long as the heating element is completely embedded in thin-set or self-leveling mortar. The heating mats are only 1/8” thick and need to be covered with 1/4” minimum of mortar so it is a very thin layer. After that, installation is easy and all you have to do is install the TrafficMaster Vinyl plank flooring on top of this new layer of thin-set or mortar once it is completely cured (cure times vary by product) Always follow the flooring manufacturer’s installation guidelines, verify that the flooring is compatible with electric radiant heat (most are) and read our installation manual for up-to-date information. Some flooring manufacturers suggest a floor temperature limit as well.