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If you cut the heating wire on accident, don't panic. There is a solution.

Repairing a Broken Radiant Heating Element

Need to repair Nuheat? CLICK HERE to go to the Nuheat repair section.

My SunTouch product isn't working anymore...

What do I do now?

Floor heating system not working? No worries – it can be fixed and we can help.

It doesn’t happen often, but floor heating systems can be damaged. Stuff happens, but you have come to the right place. Even if you don’t know what happened we can usually help you figure it out.

New Installation Problems:

The floor is closed and I know where the damage is : Carefully remove tile or floor covering to expose the break.
Repair the damage following the instructions included with the repair kit.

I’m not sure why my floor stopped working, I need more help…
Is  the Thermostat the problem? If you haven’t ruled out the stat? Start here : 

Thermostats cannot be repaired in the field, only replaced, as there are no batteries or other serviceable parts. Always replace BOTH parts of the thermostat – the base which is mounted to the wall and connect to power AND the faceplate which is attached to the base. Repalcing only 1 piece will not solve your problem.

If you have ruled out the thermostat, then we’ll have to dig a little deeper:
My Floor Heating stopped working after Work was done in the room or to my floor (tile replacement, new toilet, tub or cabinet, drilled holes, etc). Since the floor was working before work was done, that spot is the first place I suspect.

I know the wire is cut or pinched, but I do not know where.
We have tools to help you trace the location of a break – but you can often save time and money if you know someone penetrated a floor that was previously heating fine, and go right to that spot to check for damage, so ask others and see if anyone remembers what might have happened. Here are some possibilities:

Tile was removed – this is the likely location of a break. While it is possible to remove tile without damaging the floor heating elements below, this is frequent source of damage to the wires.Click here for tile removal tips

If thinset is not fully cured, you may be able to add a little water in grout joints and carefully pry up a tile

The heating elements may have been damaged during the repair or other work 

The Heating wire was cut and the floor is still open, I know what happened and I see the damage.

This is an easy one. Read the instructions, then order a repair kit. You need a few tools, including a heat gun.
SunTouch Heating Wire Repair Manual (Mat & WarmWire)

Order a repair kit – each kit has the complete instructions found above
Heating Wire Repair Kit for SunTouch Mat or WarmWire(same kit)

The wire is damaged near the end…Here you have 2 choices
If it’s the last few feet, you can cut the wire at the break and perform an End Splice Repair Instructions
If you want to preserve the last few feet of heated area, get a repair kit and Follow repair instructions above
Purchase a power lead repair splice kit

Power Lead Repairs if the power lead is cut or damaged:
SunTouch Mats or WarmWire Power lead repair kit (this is a kit only for the power lead, not the heating wire)

If you have to remove tile, TURN OFF THE POWER first, then connect your loudmouth or multi meter first. Click here for tile removal tips
(If you have to remove tile, connect your loudmouth or multi meter)

Tools that may help find a break in a heated floor that is not working for SunTouch mats or WarmWire
Fault Finder : Fluke Harris TS-90 Pro Fault Finder

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Absolutely you can repair your Nuheat floor heating mat.
by Customer Info on April 25, 2013
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Yes, but be very careful so as not to damage the mat. See detailed instructions.
by Customer Info on April 2, 2013
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Since each WarmWire spool uses a specific wire size, extending a wire will risk premature failure and provide too little heat to the floor.
by Customer Info on April 2, 2013
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We offer an Industry Leading 25 year warranty that is unusual in our industry. We think the product will last a great deal longer because of several design decisions we made years ago. The great danger to any heating cable in a bathroom floor is oxidation caused by moisture. So, we use a very expensive wire insulation called Tefzel by DuPont. The physical properties of this polymer are unmatched for the application, notably its water resistance, dielectric properties and long-term temperature aging. We also use oxygen-free alloys in our heating elements to give them greater longevity. No one builds a better heating element wire than WarmWire. Compare our wire construction to other systems - your choice will be clear. Furthermore, Watts is a 135 year old USA manufacturer, with $1.4 Billion in sales. So there's a Real USA manufacturer standing behind the warranty. Not an importer or offshore manufacturer. WarmWire is made in America, by Americans, for American homes. Several competitors produce their products offshore, but not WarmWire.
by Customer Info on March 21, 2013
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Yes. Ideally, get a licensed electrician to make the repair. Call us toll free and we'll send your electrician a repair kit. A detailed instruction sheet is also available for direct download. If the mat has not been installed, return it to Warm Your Floor for replacement. If the mat is damaged after installation and it is not feasible to take it up and return it, it can be repaired in the field with a SunTouch Repair Kit.
If a break in the wire is suspected after the tile is installed, it will be necessary to obtain a “Fault Finder” detector, which can help determine the location of a break, typically within 2 SF. A good tile setter can carefully remove the tile and expose the wire. Once you find the break, the electrician will separate the elements of the wire and splice the two sections back together again. The connections are tested and then covered with a section of shrink tube that provides waterproofing. Then an ohm reading is taken again. The repaired assembly is then re-embedded below the tile in fresh thinset. Call our toll free number with any questions you have at any part of the process: 866-558-3369 or the factory @ 888-432-8932.