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Safety of Radiant Floor Heating - How safe are Warm Floors?

Warm Floors are 100% safe

Our radiant  floor heating systems are 100% safe and we are proud to say that about the products we sell. They have passed more safety tests than any of our competitors including UL, ETL, and CSA  certifications, Robinsons Floor Test (for durability) and rated the Tile Council of North American attests to the safety of our products. All our Thermostats have been  certified for optimal safety by independent testing agencies and they all have GFCI protection built-in for shock protection when you buy. Unlike competitors, there has never been a safety recall  on any of the products we sell.

Occassionaly a local building inspector has a question about floor heating installation, although this is becoming less frequent as our systems become more popular. Any questions can usually be cleared up by bringing a few key facts to their attention. Show them the product and the attached safety labels and details.

What are the facts?

1.     ALL of our Floor Warming Systems are UL and/or CSA listed. These approvals are accepted throughout North America. This is NOT TRUE with all products sold elsewhere;  choosing Warm Your Floor means safe products.

2.     ALL of the Thermostats & Controls we offer have GFCI protection Built-In and are also tested by at least 1 of the independent testing laboratories (UL, CSA, or ETL) and listed for safety

3.     Millions of Electric Floor Warming products have been safely installed in the USA & Canada for decades.

4.     SunTouch ensures that their products are safe and durable enough to last in your home. They even back up their products with a 25 year warranty!