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10 Convenient Features to Get Your Kitchen Cooking

10 Convenient Features to Get Your Kitchen Cooking

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While you may be drawn to a particular look or style of kitchen – sleek and modern or traditional Craftsman, for example – it’s the features you choose that will make the real difference in daily living.


Separating the oven from the cooktop allows greater flexibility in your kitchen layout. Including it on the island opens up ample workspace, not to mention the inviting option to visit with guests while you craft a delicious dinner! Depending on the configuration of your island, a cooktop here can even allow two cooks to work on different parts of the meal at the same time, using front and back burners from opposite sides the ultimate multi-tasking!Depending on your style and space, choose a statement range hood, or look for a downdraft exhaust option for unimpeded views.

As any cook knows, sometimes it’s the simplest detail that makes all the difference in a  kitchen that truly “works.This wall-mounted fixture is available in a variety of styles and makes it a snap to fill those large pots for soup, lobster, canning – anything your tastebuds crave.

An ideal kitchen layout often features multiple zones suitable for different tasks. There’s a prep area, cooking area, cleaning area and...more and more...a coffee area. Tucked away from the rest of the kitchen, or set in separate cabinet and counter space, the well-designed coffee bar hosts today’s exceptional coffee appliances, your coffees, teas and chocolates, dishware and toaster for your breakfast bagel.

Add a small fridge for milk, fruit and dessert, and maybe a built-in microwave above for an easy, organized way to start or finish your day.  

While some people love seeing their favourite stand mixer on the counter, ready for action, others prefer their kitchen clutter-free. Typically built into the cabinets on top of the counter, an appliance garage features easy access to tidy storage for your frequently used appliances...hidden behind closed doors.

Why scour the depths of counter-deep cupboards for pots, pans, dishes and other day-to-day items when deep, roll-out drawers offer access to everything you need in an instant – without kneeling to find it! Not only do these back-saving essentials of today’s kitchens work beautifully, but they also offer visual respite from banks of identical cupboards. Whether for a warm, country kitchens or sleek, modern design, look for full-extension, soft close drawers and you’ll soon be wondering what took them so long to think of it!

Whether you’re an avid home-chef who loves your carefully-chosen pots or simply like the look of a country-inspired kitchen, a pot and utensil rack allows you hang and display your favourite or often-used pieces. For those without loads of storage, you’ll also free-up coveted drawer or cupboard space for something else. On a smaller scale, utensil racks can be mounted beneath cabinets or to the wall, providing not only space-saving solutions, but also a way to personalize your kitchen.

For many families, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, meaning many hours spent sharing morning coffee, making lunches and crafting delicious dinners. A TV here can let you multi-task – connecting with the morning traffic report, catching up on the day’s news or enjoying your favourite cooking show. Consider a built-in or wall-mount option to keep the TV off the counter and out of sight when not in use. Alternatively, for an open-concept kitchen/great room, considering sight-lines to the TV during construction or renovation will ensure continued enjoyment down the road. 

The correct lighting is essential for your well-designed kitchen – more important than just about any other room in your home. Considerations include general lighting, available through fixtures like recessed lights, area-specific lighting, like pendants over an island or eating area that also afford a decorative element, and Über-functional task lighting, like under-counter or above-stove lights that make it easy to see what you’re chopping.

Not all kitchen features must be seen to be enjoyed. Some, cozy-on-the-toes floors bring considerable comfort – albeit unseen – to this room where we spend so much time. At a basic level, certain flooring choices are warmer than others. A quality cork, for example, offers a warm, cushioned surface naturally. Tile and stone can offer character and elegance, but are also cool to the touch unless warmed with in-floor heating. Floor heating systems like Suntouch, Nuheat, Warmwire are also compatible with wood and laminate floors, so with the right selection, your options really are endless when creating the cozy kitchen of your dreams.

Typically the last resort of kitchen storage, chock-full of rarely used tools and appliances, why not showcase your cabinet corners with fab, functional and user-friendly shelving?

Options include multi-tiered “lazy Susans” or swing-out hinged shelving systems that offer easy access to this roomy space.

What does your dream kitchen look like?

More to the point, what features does it have?

While the appearance of your kitchen is certainly important, it’s the individual features, designed for how you use the space, that will keep you loving it for years to come.

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