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40 percent of homeowners plan to tackle renovations in the next two years

40 percent of homeowners plan to tackle renovations in the next two years

According to the latest survey from home décor website Houzz, more than 40 percent of homeowners plan to update their spaces within the next two years. Of those individuals who plan on making a home improvement, 78 percent reveal that their motivation is to perk up both the look and feel of a space.

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking to the web for inspiration.

"With an increasing amount of home remodeling projects in the works, we've also seen more homeowners turning to online resources for design guidance," Vicki Frye, marketing communications manager of leading exterior home product manufacturer, Ply Gem, tells The Paris Post-Intelligencer. "Social media and digital design tools are changing the way homeowners approach home improvement projects. […] Online resources give them the information they need to turn inspiration into reality."

The web allows homeowners to share design ideas with others, find home décor inspiration as well as purchase the tools necessary for both small and large-scale projects.

Within the article, Frye offered a few suggestions on how to use the digital realm to help implement your latest home improvements. Take a look at some of her helpful tips below:

  • Browse the trends: The great thing about social sharing sites like Pinterest, is that you can get a feel for the latest trends while also "pinning" items to a wish-list. Through this site, you are able to create pin-boards for a certain project or task you hope to undertake in the future, whether it's as simple as painting your bedroom, or is more in-depth like installing hardwood floors or radiant floor heating.
  • Communicate with others: The internet is a great way to communicate with home improvement specialists, both near and far. For instance, allows users to browse and save photos of other homeowner's improvement projects. Plus, this website gives you the option to see that companies who have worked on these projects and ask them questions about the steps they have taken. This source is great for both DIY tasks and ones that require outside help.
  • Manage your budget: After determining the scale of your project, you're going to want to make sure that this renovation is within your budget. Websites like Zillow Digs show you home improvement images and then estimate how much it would costs to imitate each picture. The site also takes into consideration your location, materials that will be used and the amount of labor, which is a great starting point to talk over with your contractor.
  • Visualize your project: If you want to see what your home improvement is going to look like when brought to life, today's technology makes this possible. Certain websites allow you to upload images of your home and experiment with an array of applications, including implementing an addition, adding new colors and updating your windows. These apps even allow you to adjust your floor plan without the hassle of drawing out a sketch of your room.

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