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AcoustiCORK R60 Information and Frequently Asked Questions

AcoustiCORK R60 Information and Frequently Asked Questions

How R60 Cork Insulation helps your floors
Thermal Insulation! AcoustiCORK R60 is known for its ability to add thermal efficiency to most types of floors. It is particularly useful when used under floor heating systems, as R60 helps reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency / lower costs. R60 Thermal resistance provides increased efficiency and is a sustainable natural product.Unlike most of its synthetic alternative competitors the AcoustiCORK R60 underlayment has the ability to keep its acoustic and thermal insulation performance over many years. The physical structure of cork, with nearly 200 million completely sealed air filled cells per cubic inch makes it a very effective insulating material. This same physical structure also provides cork with the ability to be repeatedly compressed and yet recover nearly 100% of its original shape and size. Also, don't be misled by inferior cork products sold online for a little less money; don't compromise the integrity of your floor to save a few dollars. Insist on a recognized manufacturer with the history test results to back up their product.

Why R60 AcoustCORK is the best cork option available
R60 AcoustiCORK has a direct presence in the countries that produce the raw material
Affiliates (all situated in the cork forest zones) in Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia, allowing diversification of sources and control of the flow of the raw material

They maintain Local operations for the integrated production of the raw material
Unique centers for the acquisition, selection, classification and standardization of the raw material before its manufacture; this ensures quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Amorim's Research and development is ongoing.
Highly sophisticated Research and Development facilities follow rigorous scientific procedures & ongoing continuous improvement. ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

AcoustiCORK's reputation is unparalled.AcoustiCORK Products™ are recognized in the building industry as a leading & effective sound control, thermal insulation and crack suppression underlayment used under hard surface floors. Residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, Canada and Europe have used AcoustiCORK™ with excellent success.
AcoustiCORK™ R60 is designed to meet building codes and condominium association requirements for floor/ceiling assemblies using ceramic tile, marble, stone or hardwood floors.

Testing Proves it: Structural Testing has proven AcoustiCORK R60 is an excellent product.
AcoustiCORK™ has been tested in accordance with ASTM standards for acoustical values at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, an independent laboratory accredited by the National Bureau of Standards of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program). Whew! That is a mouthful of agencies.
In the Flooring Industry, the most important test standard is the Robinson Wheel. This is an ASTM test and AcoustiCORK® R60 passed with flying colors for use in ALL residential applications, including CONCRETE SLAB and an even higher commercial rating when used over Concrete Board.

Bond Strength C482 Modified PSI of 80
Structural PerformanceWithout CBU  C627-88 (Robinson Wheel) Residential Rating
Structural PerformanceWith CBU  C627-88 (Robinson Wheel) Heavy Rating
Flame Spread E84-91a Class "A"
Thermal Insulation R60-6mm“ K “ Factor C177-85 (BTU-inch) 0.32
Thermal Insulation R60-6mm“ R “ Factor C177-85 (Hr-SF-°F-per Inch) 3.125
Robinson Wheel Testing Details:
6mm Gyp-Crete Residential Robinson Test
CBU 6mm Light Commercial Robinson Test  (CBU=Concrete Board Underlayment, i.e. HardiBacker®)

Additional physical testing & certifications

ICBO Evaluation Report Number ER5314
City Of Los Angeles Research Report RR25323-A
Physical and Mechanical Properties of AcoustiCORK R60
Product Description: Agglomerated cork underlay for increased thermal efficiency & foot comfort of the final floor.
Physical and Mechanical Properties (ISO 7322)
Specific weight: 150-220Kg/m3
Tensile strength (kPa): >200KPa
Compression: 30-50%
Recovery: >70%
Durability: Lifetime of the building

R60 Cork Insulation FAQ
Why AcoustiCORK R60 as insulation for electric radiant floor heating? Amorim Industrial Solutions, manufacturer of AcoustiCORK has the biggest market share in Insulation Cork at 80% Worldwide! That is why Warm Your Floor offers their products exclusively. And, we have a long history together. I first did business with the U.S.A. division in 1985; they offered quality products 25 years ago and still do today.

Will R60 Cork Underlayment "swell" with exposure to moisture and cause finish floor coverings to fail?
NO!  Because our cork absorbs almost ZERO water it is very dimensionally stable. When exposed to 100% Relative Humidity conditions for an entire 30 days the dimensional change in our AcoustiCORK products is less than 3%. In the 6mm (1/4”) R60, this would represent an increase in thickness of less than 7 thousands of an inch; about the thickness of a human hair.

Is it safe to use AcoustiCORK under ceramic tiles? Yes, it is. AcoustiCORK R60 underlayment is safe, tested and designed for use under ceramic tile and stone floors. For over 20 years, satisfied customers have been successfully installing them all over the USA as well as in Europe. AcoustiCORK stops the minor cracks in the concrete from showing up in the tile, provide effective impact sound and thermal insulation and use adhesives and procedures approved by ceramic tile manufacturers. The TCNA (Tile Council of North America) references the product specifications of AcoustiCORK in its Installation Handbook for Direct Bonding Ceramic Tiles to Cork Underlayment (F (1-35-06)

Ecology and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the USA. Does the company hold any certification?
Cork, the raw material of all AcoustiCORK underlayment, is a gift from Nature. Amorim Cork Composites adopts sustainable development practices that are unparalleled in the cork industry. The company holds a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certificate as well as several quality certificates like the NP EN ISO 9001:2000, the OSHAS 18001: 199 and the Systecode — CIPR. We are currently in the final stage of implementation for the NP EN ISO 14001.

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