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Can a damaged heating wire be repaired on the jobsite?

Can a damaged heating wire be repaired on the jobsite?

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Yes.  Ideally, get a licensed electrician to make the repair. Call us toll free and we'll send your electrician a repair kit. A detailed instruction sheet is also available for direct download. If the mat has not been installed, return it to Warm Your Floor for replacement. If the mat is damaged after installation and it is not feasible to take it up and return it, it can be repaired in the field with a SunTouch Repair Kit.
If a break in the wire is suspected after the tile is installed, it will be necessary to obtain a “Fault Finder” detector, which can help determine the location of a break, typically within 2 SF. A good tile setter can carefully remove the tile and expose the wire. Once you find the break, the electrician will separate the elements of the wire and splice the two sections back together again. The connections are tested and then covered with a section of shrink tube that provides waterproofing. Then an ohm reading is taken again. The repaired assembly is then re-embedded below the tile in fresh thinset. Call our toll free number with any questions you have at any part of the process: 866-558-3369 or the factory @ 888-432-8932.

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