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Can I use an electric radiant floor heat system to heat my room?

Can I use an electric radiant floor heat system to heat my room?

It really depends on the room. Our systems can produce a lot of heat, 41-51 BTUs per a square foot to be exact. This means that most of our systems produce more heat than a baseboard heater and heat the room more evenly as well. A room in a well-insulated modern house can usually be effectively heated using electric radiant floor heat. However, you must also consider the heat-loss value of a room. Many factors contribute to heat loss: outside walls, non-insulated concrete subfloors, non-weather treated windows and unheated rooms beneath the floor the heating system is in. These can lower the amount of heat the floor will provide to the room, but if the room only has a couple of these, it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause.

For colder rooms, consider installing WarmWire cables spaced at 2.5" rather than the standard 3.0" spacing used on mats. This will provide greater heat output. Finally, consider installing a ceiling fan if the room doesn’t already have one. Moving air will create convection heat in addition to the radiant heat of the floor, like wind blowing across the sands of a desert.

But remember, radiant floor heat does not heat the air, it heats the objects that are in conact with is, such as people and furniture. If you have concerns about heating a certain room with radiant floor heat, please give us a call and we can help you know what to expect from our floor heating systems.

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