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How do I operate Nuheat Floor Heating?

How do I operate Nuheat Floor Heating?

Nuheat requires a line voltage thermostat different from an HVAC thermostat, which operates at 24v. There are three thermostat options for controlling your Nuheat electric floor heating system and all include 5mA Class A GFCIs built-in for your safety:

  • Harmony Programmable Thermostat. Using the very latest technology, this energy efficient 7-day programmable in-floor heat sensing thermostat mounts flush within the wall and can be fitted with any decora-style faceplate. The harmony Thermostat requires a double gang box (2 positions) or can be combined with other switches in a multigang box.
  • SOLO Programmable Thermostat. An Energy Star qualified 7-day programmable floor temperature sensing thermostat for the Nuheat mats. Programmable means you can set up to 2 "on" and 2 "off" times per day customized to your schedule.
  • TEMPO is a Non-programmable alternative for the Nuheat electric floor heating system. An LCD display with few buttons for easy manual control with GFCI protection.

All thermostat options for the Nuheat electric floor heating system are CSA certified, come complete with a built-in Class A G.F.C.I. and are available in 120 and 240 Volt formats.

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