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Installing SunTouch mats in a Studio separate from the house.

Installing SunTouch mats in a Studio separate from the house.

The SunTouch Mats are an effective heating system for studios of all types as they provide 41 BTUs per square foot.

The key to heating any structure is providing more heat than is lost through the walls, windows and doors. Adequate insulation is key to preserving the heat generated. Smaller windows are better with energy efficient glass to hold heat in the space than large single-pane glass style. this goes the same with doors – insulated doors are a better choice than non-insulated as well.

SunTouch provides 12 watts per square foot of installed heated area. If Warm Your Floor heated 180 of your 192 SF (which leaves a 2-3 inch unheated perimeter) it would provide 2160 watts = 7380 BTU’s, which is considerable heat, and likely more than your space heaters. You would control the system with a thermostat that senses either the floor (ideal) or Air (optional) temperature (both features are built-in to all SunTouch programmable thermostats). Programmable models have time and temperature functions with manual temperature over-rides.

The mats can be installed directly on top of your plywood floor, then covered with a thin layer of mortar or floor leveling cement. Then you would cover it with the floor covering of your choice. Ideal floor coverings are ones that transmit the radiant heat most effectively (tile is best). You may install carpet over this new mortar layeras long as you keep it on the thinner side with little or no padding, as carpet and padding have some r-value and slow down the heat transferring through them.

Warm Your Floor can ship SunTouch directly to you and installation is simple! All you would need is a single 240v circuit (or 2 circuits @ 120v) rated at 20 Amps each.

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