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Never Shovel Again When You Install a Heated Driveway

Never Shovel Again When You Install a Heated Driveway

This winter, forget your shovel and save your back when you install an electric snow melting system from Warm Your Floor. No more salt or loud snow blowers. Protect landscaping from harsh de-icing chemicals, and help keep asphalt and pavers pristine from snowplow damage. Whether you’re heating a single-vehicle slab or an entire circular drive, Warm Your Floor has the right solution to melt snow and ice at your home or business.

What types of surfaces are compatible with outdoor snow melting?

Permanent snow melting solutions for the outdoors are suitable underneath pavers, bricks, tile and stone, or embedded in concrete or asphalt. They cannot be installed underneath wood or composite surfaces.

Mats vs. Cables

Both cables and permanent snow melting mats for outdoor use only are embedded within or underneath the driveway surface, making them safe for vehicles to drive over. Mats offer an easy all-in-one solution with no need to plan a loose cable layout, as the distance between cable is pre-planned for optimal snow melting. The tape binding the mats together can be cut to allow for on-site custom configurations, but the heating element itself cannot be cut to fit. Mats are available in lengths from 5 to 56 feet, and in 2- and 3-foot widths. Loose cable is the most versatile option, as it can be more easily configured on-site for a custom fit and optimal spacing. Cable is sold in lengths to melt snow in surfaces between 8 and 115 square feet. Like mats, the heating cable cannot be cut.

Both mats and cables are available in 120 or 240 volt systems, and come in either 38 or 50 watt options. But more power equals more efficient snow melting, so for best results, we recommend 50 watts. If your application requires, 208 and 277 volt options can be made to order.

What will I need to install a heated driveway?

Installing a mat or cable heating system in a new driveway will require a little planning with your contractor to design the layout and determine where and how to heat the driveway. Once you’ve chosen the right layout for your surface and ordered cable and/or permanent mats to fit your project, plan the install for when temps are at least 40°F. The system’s included power lead requires an outlet with ground fault protection. For best snow melting performance, add  a control with an automatic sensor, and the system will activate automatically at the first sign of snowfall, even while you’re away.

Whether you’re heating a single-vehicle carport slab, a circular drive or anything in between, Warm Your Floor has a solution to save you from salting or shoveling this winter – and for years to come. Call us today for a fast and free consultation with a Warm Your Floor expert and get started on a safer winter tomorrow.

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