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All About ProMelt

All About ProMelt

What is ProMelt?

Manufactured by SunTouch, ProMelt Snow & Ice Melting products include electric radiant heating mats & cables that install quickly and easily into driveways, walkways, and other outdoor areas.
They are suitable for installation underneath pavers, bricks, tile and stone, or embedding in new concrete or asphalt pours.

ProMelt ultra-durable heating elements come in two installation configurations:

  • ProMelt Mats
    While performing the same function as the cables, ProMelt mats provide a quicker and easier installation.  They are available in 120, 240, 208, & 277 Volt options, and come in 2 ft. and 3 ft. widths in various lengths.
  • ProMelt Cables
    Loose cable can be more easily configured on-site to fit oddly shaped areas or go around obstacles. Cables are also available in 120, 240, 208, & 277 Volt options and in a variety of sizes fitting areas between 8 and 115 square feet.

Note: ProMelt cannot be installed under wood or composite surfaces.


What are the advantages?

  • Maintenance-free snow & ice melting—No moving parts that would require at least annual service
  • Simple & efficient—High quality ProMelt System controls are available ina wide range of options
  • Retire your snow shovel—Eliminate the need for plow/removal labor
  • Increase the value of your home—Add safety and reduce liability
  • No more corrosive de-icing salts or chemicals—preserve the condition of your driveway/walkway
  • Automatic sensor optionsProMelt systems automatically activate before snow hits the ground


How does it work?

Our most popular and efficient ProMelt systems use automatic sensors that detect temperature and precipitation, so the system will activate only when the weather is right for snow or ice formation. This provides the most effective heating at the lowest possible cost.

  • Aerial/Pole Mounted Automatic SensorsMost popular / inexpensive
  • Slab Mounted Automatic SensorsBest suited for areas with risk of high winds or targeted ice melting applications where conditions might interfere with the sensor's ability to accurately detect precipitation.

Manual controls are also available but are recommend mainly for heating outdoor spaces such as patios.  They can be used for snow & ice melting but are much less efficient than systems using automatic sensors.  The main feature of a manual system is the ability for the user to turn the heat on and off as they please and set the temperature at the thermostat.

Note:  Activating your system manually after snow has fallen will greatly increase melting time and energy consumption.

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