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Thermostat Basics

Thermostat Basics


Programmable thermostats are our number one sellers and have a clock and 7 day calendar built-in which allows you to set the time and temperature options according to your schedule. You floor will automatically turn on and off at the times you choose and to the temperature you prefer. You can set your own program, or use one of the standard schedules already preset in the Stat. Having your floor off when you are away from home also saves you money, just like turning off the lights when you aren’t home. Of course, all programmable models also can be simply turned off or put into a manual non programmable mode too.


  • Energy savings – never forget to turn it off (or on)
  • Warm floors when you want them – pre-heated according to your daily schedule
  • Set it and forget it – same schedule every day or a different one for weekends
  • Still allow the flexibility of manual override control to change temperature or on/off
  • Non-programmable thermostats give you complete manual control over your floor temperature but have no clock or timer features.
  • Choose a simple dial or an LCD screen with buttons and backlight. On/Off, GFCI test, and temperature setting are your only options.
  • The floor will continually warm to the temperature you set until you change the temperature or turn it off.


  • Small areas that you may leave on all winter or low energy cost areas
  • Those wanting simplicity and frequent changing schedules
  • Framed floors – not on concrete
  • Patient people


Floor heating doesn’t come to temperature instantly like turning on a light switch. The floor heating has to warm up the mortar and tile and can take anywhere from 15 min (insulated frame floor above a heated space) to a few hours on concrete slabs. Any of our thermostats will work with any of our floor heating systems interchangeably. All models have floor sensing capability and include a floor sensor wire.Some thermostats have Ambient Air temperature modes and floor limit features. See individual models for a listing of all features.

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