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SunTouch WarmWire is the affordable alternative to SunTouch Floor Heating Mats.

WarmWire floor heating cables are similar in construction and provide heat just like SunTouch mats, but install differently and cost less. Simply place and attach the WarmWire strap to the subfloor and weave the wire back and forth between straps to create your own heated area. Cover with thin-set or self-leveling mortar and finish with almost any floor covering. You weave the wire onto the subfloor while maintaining the spacing of wires.

WarmWire is the best there is.

Easy to install in every size or shape room.
Safe enough for a Shower Floor and Seat Installation.
Eliminate Electro Magnetic Fields with Active Shielding & Twin-wire technology.
Durable 3-layer protection with a 25 year warranty.
Flexible installation for curves and angles and available in 120VAC and 240VAC.
Armored 3-wire power lead - no return wire from the end 1 Connection.
Oxygen-free heating elements for long life.
High Performance ETFE insulation.
Strengthened with Polyurethane Jacket for maximum impact & cut resistance.
Safe grounded from end to end and UL listed in USA & Canada.

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